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I-COM Global Summit

April 18 - 21

Event Details

We are honored to speak at the 2016 I-COM Global Summit taking place April 18-21 in Seville, Spain.

Speaking Session:

Merkle's Ron Park, Vice President, Analytics and Leah van Zelm, Vice President, Agency Services will present "What Makes Millennials Tick: Neuroanalytics to Uncover the Motivations Driving Wearables Purchases".

Marketers are fixated on reaching millennials. But why have marketers forgotten that we have to persuade them? And to do this, we must understand the underlying decision-making and motivations of individuals. Cognitive psychology tells us that the human brain uses a network of both rational and non-rational thoughts to make decisions. This cognitive process is referred to as dual process theory, which was popularized by Daniel Kahneman in his bestselling, Nobel Prize winning book Thinking, Fast and Slow. In order to comprehend human choice, it’s critical to understand and quantify both the rational and non-rational processes by which consumers make decisions. This session unveils a unique neuroanalytic approach to map out and quantify both the rational and non-rational components of decisions by combining specialized primary research techniques with advanced analytics. The session will expose participants to neuroanalytics and demonstrate the application with a case study which explores the decision-making process and motivations driving the current trend of consumer wearable technology with a focus on creating relevant experiences for millennials. This case study, based on both qualitative laddering interviews and a specialized quantitative survey, examines the differences of millennial brand choices across fitness tracking technology (e.g., FitBit, Jawbone) and smart watches (e.g., Apple Watch, Samsung Gear).

Join us to learn about a new way of understanding consumer insights that is rooted in academic theory, improved through advanced analytics, linked to action via data, and applied to real world marketing problems.

Panel Discussion:

Listen in on the panel discussion "Rise of 1st Party Data" led by Andy Fisher, Chief Analytics Officer, Merkle, on how marketers are leveraging known first-party data targeting across multiple channels. Panelists include:

  • Glenn White​ -​ Director, Marketing Infrastructure, Electronic Arts, USA
  • Neil Joyce - MD & SVP EMEA, Signal, UK
  • Mark Griffin - Director, Starcom MediaVest, USA
  • Pat Pellegrini - General Manager & Chief Research Officer, Simmons Research, USA

Data Science Hackathon:

There are 12 teams competing for bragging rights including Merkle, Mindshare, Oracle, RadiumOne, Starcom Adobe, and Turner Broadcasting. Each participant will receive a data set containing Twitter feed information and will be tasked with mining that data with respect to a yet-to-be specified business outcome connecting the magic of data science with the world of marketing. The Merkle team will be led by Data Solution’s Vivian Zhou and include  Chloe Ke and Daisy Yu. The Hackathon will be administered by the University of Madrid and the winner will be announced during the I-COM event.

Register today!  If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the Merkle team at this event, please contact us at [email protected].

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