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IBM Amplify

May 16 - 18

Event Details

Comet, a Merkle Company is proud to be speaking at this year's IBM Amplify event in Tampa, Florida.
On Tuesday, May 17 at 4:45pm, Paula Byrne, Client Engagement Lead, Comet, a Merkle Company and James Breeze, Head of Marketing Operations, O2 / Telefonica UK will present a session titled, "Delivering Real Customer Relevance on Outbound Marketing at O2/Telefónica." 
O2/Telefónica is the second largest telecommunications company in the UK, with a mobile customer base of 25 million, and one of the country’s largest digital loyalty programs. O2 has been using IBM Campaign since 2010 to personalize outbound marketing communications that deliver an exceptional customer experience in an increasingly digital world. Hear how their long-standing partnership with Comet Global Consulting has been the key to maximizing the benefits of IBM Campaign to deliver real customer relevance in outbound communications.

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