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International Convention of Psychological Science

March 23 | Vienna, Austria

Event Details

Join team members from Merkle and Comcast as they present a symposium at the upcoming International Convention of Psychological Science in Vienna, Austria.

Speakers include:

  • Bob Wood, Senior Director, Advanced Methods & Research, Merkle
  • Tom Lacki, Senior Director, Market Research & Insights, Merkle
  • Toshi Yumoto, Director, Business Intelligence, Comcast


Our Sessions

Date/Time: 8:00am, March 23

The joint session will discuss the means-end theory and its related consumer decision maps (CDMs) which has provided a meaningful foundation for theoretical development and an effective direction for consumer psychology practitioners.  This symposium will provide an overview of the theory’s current state, present newly-developed approaches to identify CDMs, and provide convincing evidence of its marketing impact.


Bob Wood

Senior Director, Consumer Analytics

Toshi Yumoto

Director, Analytics

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