Mega Event

November 29 - December 1 | Palm Springs, CA

Event Details

Merkle is excited to be speaking at this year's Mega Event!

This 3-day event focuses on the latest trends and best practices in loyalty programs, ancillary revenue programs and co-brand card programs for the airline and travel industry. The 2017 theme, To Boldly Go, challenges attendees to think about next-gen strategies.




Our Sessions

Date/Time: 2:25pm, November 30

Companies often focus on loyalty after the sale, but what about pre-purchase loyalty? How do you determine what brand message to use early on to differentiate yourself, resonate with your customer base and drive long-term loyalty?

Exclusive Resorts teamed up with Merkle to conduct primary research to uncover the answers to these questions employing a Neuroanalytics™ approach that studied the psychological motivations of the target base.

Session attendees will learn:

•  How to create customer-centric messaging that builds loyalty up front

•  How to develop end-to-end customer strategy by starting with customers

•  Why emotion and motivation will always drive customer decisions over logic

In partnership with Exclusive Resorts through a series of research phases, we established what motivated this audience, where the market opportunity was, and then uncovered the audience’s emotional drivers,” said Hanson. “Merkle’s Neuroanalytics™ practice helped Exclusive Resorts isolate the real reason people wanted to take a luxury family vacation driving loyalty before they signed at the line.”

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Ethan Hanson

Director, Digital Experience Strategy

Leigh Mehlman

Sr. Manager, Lifecycle Marketing & CRM, Exclusive Resorts

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