Merkle Roadshow - Denver

August 16 | Denver, CO

Event Details

The future of marketing has already arrived. With the emergence of addressable advertising through PII, platforms, and the publisher universe, the ability to reach real people directly is unprecedented. The bar for personalization is getting even higher — with real-time decisioning enabled by systems and AI, the ability to create meaningful experiences is crucial.

All of this converges with understanding the lifetime value of a customer and the goal of fostering brand loyalty over time. Merkle breaks down the complexities of how to plan and implement multi-channel marketing programs that focus on people and the path to winning them.

Join Merkle for our Denver Roadshow at Coors Field on August 16 beginning at 2pm with a series of presentations focused around the theme of "It’s Getting Real: How addressability, personalization, and loyalty will help marketers win". Afterwards, attendees will join the Merkle team for dinner and a ballgame at a suite in Coors Field.

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