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Merkle's Health Executive Exchange

February 7 | Charleston, SC

Event Details

Join Merkle and fellow healthcare marketers and digital innovators February 7 - 8, 2017 at the Market Pavilion Hotel in Charleston, SC to gain new insights from the industry’s leading experts on people-based marketing.

The challenge faced by Health marketers today. Digital transformation continues to raise the bar of consumer experiences across all aspects of the economy, including healthcare. Healthcare brands across the board such as Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Hospital brands must reframe their marketing approach to drive profitable growth. As consumers shift away from traditional media to make buying decisions in highly curated and personalized digital channels, there is little patience for a disconnected experience.

Attendees of the Merkle’s Health Executive Exchange will learn how advancements in marketing and ad-technology have fundamentally changed go-to-market approaches for media and message activation. Gather the latest trends in the emerging addressable audience marketplace, and identify new ways to target known patients, physicians, consumers, and healthcare influencers and gain competitive advantage amidst the quickening pace of change in today’s marketing landscape. In our fifth annual Health Executive Exchange, multi-channel marketers from all disciplines will learn how to reach targets at great scale. Attendees will learn to create the relevant messaging that fuels 2017 growth plans and improves patient health at population-level scale.

In this two- day exchange, attendees will learn how to: 

  1. Drive performance by marketing to people, not proxies.
  2. Transform your marketing activation and operational model to achieve differentiated competitive advantage across your organization.
  3. Adopt the best practices of performance creative, the leading approach for the dynamic creative driving media performance today.
  4. Accelerate the use of real-time data to deliver marketing programs in the 24/7 real-time customer world.
  5. Research and discover customer motivations to forge more impactful briefs and campaigns.
  6. Activate best practice attribution methodologies and full-funnel marketing mix optimization.

View the latest agenda to learn more about this event and the content being presented.