OMMA Audience Targeting at Advertising Week

October 1

Event Details

Merkle is excited to be participating in a panel titled "What Is An "Audience"?: What Data Signals Really Identify Your Target?" along with executives from Pandora, RPA, Dstillery, and Mindshare at the upcoming OMMA Audience Targeting at Advertising Week.

Panel members will discuss how data has always been a proxy for a target audience, whether it is old-fashioned demographics or new-fangled behavioral tracking. They will review how data is evolving into the new currency for both defining and valuing audiences, and how advertisers are now faced with a dizzying array of purported signals of user affinity, purchase intent, location on a path to purchase. They will address the questions; when does proximity to a retail location trump past online behaviors or recent purchase histories? How are buyers actually building a target audience from this muddle of models and determining which signals indicate the right consumer for your campaign goals? 

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