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ops 2019

June 3 - 4 | NYC

Event Details

Join Josh Herman, Senior Vice President, Data Products, for a panel discussion exploring consumer privacy concerns and new data regulations at ops2019. The Ops2019 conference was created as a comprehensive excursion into all the facets of digital media marketing and monetization.

Our Sessions

Date/Time: 11:30pm, June 4

From the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation to the California Consumer Privacy Act to Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention to overwhelming public outrage over perceived privacy violations, media companies are re-examining how they collect and leverage consumer data. Reevaluating data collection and targeting, audience monetization, attribution, and user experience presents both challenges… and opportunities. This panel will explore the many ways in which publishers, brands, and agencies alike are approaching consumer privacy concerns, user experience, and new data regulations.


Josh Herman

Josh Herman

Senior Vice President, Data Products

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