Oracle Modern Customer Experience

April 10 - 12 | Chicago, IL

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Merkle is proud to sponsor Oralce's Modern Customer Experience conference taking place April 10-12 in Chicago!

The 2018 event brings together CX leaders from around the world to discuss business transformation, learn smarter customer experience strategies, and drive meaningful business results.

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Samsung Business is using Neuroanalytics, a combination of cognitive psychology and advanced analytics, to understand and quantify both the rational and non-rational decision-making factors that go into a purchase. By moving past self-reported attitudes and uncovering the deep-seated psychological motivators, Samsung is better targeting individuals with content that resonates and better influencing behavior. Segmenting on unique patterns of purchase motivations in the market and purposefully designing creative to activate consumers’ deepest needs has led to more meaningful interactions between the brand and customers. Samsung has seen significant KPI increases at the campaign level and in engagement overtime since roll-out.


Madeleine Thom

Head of Marketing Operations, Samsung

Danielle Block

Account Director

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