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The Personalization and CDP Summit 2019

September 18 - 20 | Boston, MA

Event Details

Merkle is excited to be speaking at The Personalization and CDP Summit 2019 in Boston on September 18-20!

Join us for our session on leveraging CDP! See details below: 

Our Sessions

Date/Time: 1:20pm, September 19

With the advent of the CDP, businesses are a big step closer to realizing their dream of true customer centricity with personalization in every interaction. 

A CDP makes it possible to unify all of your customer data to understand each customer as an individual, and then engage them with personal relevance across every channel.  

But technology is only one part of the equation. Your organization must implement the CDP structure itself to operationalize it and realize the full benefits. 

In this keynote, panelists from leading consultancies will discuss: 

  • How their clients are thinking about the role of the CDP in their organizations

  • What advice they offer businesses as they seek to integrate their customer data with a CDP

  • The importance of cross-channel activation at the 1-to-1 level

  • Organizing for operational success

  • Examples of how their clients leverage the CDP to transform their business to drive deeper and more impactful customer engagement 


Craig Howard,

Craig Howard,

Vice President, Technology, Chief Solution Architect,

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