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April 29 - May 2 | San Antonio, Texas

Event Details

Merkle is excited to have again been accepted for a poster presentation at this year's PMSA conference, April 29 - May 2 at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas.

The premier event for pharma data science professionals! Don't miss out on all of the illuminating podium presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, and networking opportunities!

Email us at [email protected] to learn more about our presence at this year's conference.

Our Sessions

Date/Time: 4:30pm, April 30

How do we know if we are serving our customers the right number of emails, and delivering the right message in the right order?  Join us as we dive into some of the challenges marketers face in our rapidly evolving direct marketing ecosystem.  Emails are getting lost in the clutter and customers are oversaturated with content, becoming annoyed, opting-out, and disengaging.  We see that, while email programs are showing positive ROI, open rates are decreasing, inbox placement is spotty, and clicks are virtually non-existent. Merkle’s PMSA  poster presentation will introduce an innovative new approach for your portfolio email strategy, which will ensure optimal content engagement, minimal opt-out, and positive lift.


Olympia Mantsios

Associate Director, Analytics

Catherine Mackin

Customer Strategy Senior Director

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