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PMSA 2019 Winter Symposium

January 17 - 18 | Las Vegas, NV

Event Details

Merkle is excited to speak at the PMSA 2019 Winter Symposium taking place January 17-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being hailed as the future of data analytics. Computer models can analyze high volumes of real-time data to make more accurate market predictions. How are these powerful tools currently being leveraged by pharma data scientists, and what does the future hold for AI in the pharma industry?

If you would like to schedule time with either of our speakers, email us at [email protected].


Our Sessions

Location: The Signature at MGM Grand
Date/Time: 1:30pm, January 17

One of the biggest challenges facing launch brands in unique therapeutic areas is identifying the right target audience for unbranded and ultimately branded messaging. While some treatment options may be more intuitive than others, it is still a critical consideration that can impact speed to market, awareness and trial, business impact and ROI.

Typically, early stage engagement becomes a surrogate for performance, and is a critical first step in defining and predicting the migration of HCPs along the prescribing continuum from awareness and trial to adoption and loyalty. Identifying these audiences, and analysing their message engagement in the early stages of a campaign, accommodates “in -program” adjustment of messaging and channels. This research will demonstrate the migration of HCPs from initial touch to progressively increasing levels of engagement leading to defined levels of Rx activity. Migration patterns are quantified based on writing activity for each period. 

This approach provides early insight into binary segmentation of HCPs into bio-naïve vs innovators. It also identifies the content and sequence that produces trial, and migrates HCPs from the primary levels of engagement to higher quintiles of Rx activity. In an environment where all eyes are on machine learning and AI driven algorithms to predict next best action, this work reinforces the role of strategy, marketing and analytics working together to test, design and leverage real-time insight. Furthermore, it validates and reinforces target selection, communication messaging, sequence, and activity base segmentation.


Kent Groves, PhD

Vice President Global Health Strategy, Health

Olympia Mantsios

Associate Director, Analytics

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