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PMSA Annual Conference

April 17 - 20

Event Details

After winning "Best Poster Presentation" at last year's event, we are even more excited for the 2016 PMSA Annual Conference taking place April 17-20 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV.

This year's presentation, presented  by Merkle's Kent Groves, PhD and Lynda Gordon, will focus on "Optimizing Channel Mix and Propensity to Drive HCP Engagement and Impact".

While clinics and physician offices continue to limit access to pharmaceutical sales representatives, the demand for information and support for new products and new indications still grows. Access restriction to reps is often driven by MCOs, corporate IDN management, HCOs, Therapeutic Committees or even legal restrictions, but, in many cases, not by the HCPs themselves. The reality, of course, is that HCPs still want information. So, while traditional access is drying up, demand for new insights is surging.

This demand can most certainly be met through the use of an appropriate mix of channels and tactics, messages, calls to action, cadence and timing. The key is to optimize this mix to ensure that age old marketing principle is achieved, namely, “getting the right message into the right hands via the right medium at the right time”. The problem is made more complex by the concept of “mix”. But the challenge is not to find the “one or two” channels that resonate well with each HCP or HCP segment, but to successfully design effective combinations of channels and appropriate sequencing of information delivery based on the massive amounts of information now available about information consumption behavior of HCPs. Today, we can link online and offline information behavior, at the HCP level, to understand content preferences, channel sequencing and related engagement activity. This opens up a vast network of messaging strategy and information delivery, all optimized by data insights.

This poster presentation will dive deep into identifying, measuring, predicting and weighting cross-channel propensity by forming segments of physicians based on common responsiveness traits – not a pre-hoc criterion such as activity, decile or specialty. The end result is a touch-point analysis that provides an optimal mix of channels, message content and message cadence or flow – all to create effective promotional communications across a defined set of “CRM Targets”.

Register today!  If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the Merkle team at this event, please contact us at [email protected].

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