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Predictive Modeling Bootcamp & Data Governance Workshop

May 23 - 24

Event Details

We are looking forward to presenting at the 2016 Predictive Modeling Bootcamp & Data Governance Workshop taking place May 23-24 in Chicago, IL.

Not everyone who interacts with data is a data scientist, but fluency is within everyone’s reach. Top-down organizational familiarity with both data governance and predictive analytics not only ensures that your leadership team and personnel stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments but propels your organization ahead of the curve. This bootcamp provides the rigorous instruction, quality insight, and actionable information to ensure you attain your analytic and governance goals.

On Monday, May 23rd at 2:15pm, hear Merkle's Meet Bhadge, Sr. Director, Health Analytics, present "Succeed from the Start: Data Preparation for Predictice Modeling". During this workshop you will learn about the following:

  • Exploration of why 60% of a data modeler’s time is spent prepping data
  • How to make data “talk” in a predictive modeling environment
    • Classifications of data
      • How data can be adapted for predictive modeling
      • Unique healthcare data classifications
    • Adapting data for different machine learning models
    • Handling common issues in healthcare data sets
      • Missing values, multicollinearity, outliers
    • Creating usable data from EMR/biometrics sources

Register today!  If you would like to schedule a meeting with member of the Merkle team at this event, please contact our events team.

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