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Financial Services & Insurance Webinar Series, Part 2: Connected CRM and Big Data

Original Presentation Date

Nov. 13, 2012

Key Takeaways

The second webinar in this series "Connected CRM and Big Data," took place at 2:00pm ET on November 13th. This webinar was led by Matt Mobley, Merkle.  

After outlining the broad marketing opportunity that the currently evolving digital landscape presents, this webinar explored the concept of “big data” and how it relates and adds value to the digital marketing value chain. It also defined the concept of the connected consumer view. 

Matt Mobley explored the opportunity to harness the value in big data as marketers, to create an actionable, real-time view of the consumer across all channels.

Detailed Overview

Merkle's three part complimentary Financial Services & Insurance webinar series "Activating the Digital Marketing Value Chain," focuses on Merkle's industry-specific point of view on how the new digital marketing value chain is taking shape, how it impacts financial services and insurance firms; and how to enable the critical strategic capabilities required for connected CRM. 

This webinar has been archived and can be accessed any time on demand, along with the associated White Paper: Connected CRM: What it Really Means for Marketing.