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2013 Marketing Imperatives Webinar Series: Creating Your Customer Currencies

Original Presentation Date

Apr. 16, 2013

Key Takeaways

The first in Merkle's Marketing Imperatives webinar series kicked off on April 16, with a session entitled "Creating Your Customer Currencies," led by Ron Park, VP, Group Leader, Merkle. 

In this webinar, Ron focused on currencies – the universally accepted operational protocols that enable different business functions and groups to organize and rally around a central construct – the customer. He provided insights into how companies can achieve fully integrated, customer-centric marketing and realize the accompanying financial benefits.  It discussed the critical customer currencies that all organizations must have to achieve competitive differentiation through customer strategy.

Detailed Overview

Ron Park discusses how achieving the goal of building these currencies and establishing an organization that is truly customer-focused is a matter of realigning resources around a set of priorities in a disciplined manner. The companies that are able to do this are operating more effectively and stealing market share from their competitors right now.

This webinar set the stage for the following 2 discussions in this Marketing Imperatives series entitled,  “Building Your Technology Platform for Connected CRM” and “Demonstrating the Business Impact.”

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