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The Five Keys to Leading Successful CRM Change

Original Presentation Date

Aug. 20, 2013

Key Takeaways

Merkle recently completed a study on how U.S. organizations drive value using customer relationship marketing (CRM), based on survey results from over 350 senior executives across multiple industries.

The study revealed perceptions of CRM and explored factors that are correlated with effective execution. The central theme from the study: Successful change requires effective leadership and well intentioned leaders may unknowingly hindering CRM success for their organization and their own career advancement.

Detailed Overview

As a leader, you put a lot of effort into navigating the ever-changing market landscape. Your days are spent finding the most effective ways to engage customers and deliver brand experiences that create a competitive advantage for your organization. You need customer insights, the right technology and ultimately, an organization that is aligned around the customer. But how do you get there? What requirements are needed for a successful transformation to a customer-centric approach? And as a leader, what is your role?

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