Innovation 2014: Big Data Will Drive the Big Ideas

Original Presentation Date

Nov. 12, 2013

Key Takeaways

This webinar focuses on these actionable insights:

  1. How to leverage data from empowered consumers to deliver breakthrough ideas in health marketing. 
  2. Identifying new skill sets required to manage the ever changing Media Stack powering personalization across the web
  3. Developing a pathway to bigger revenue through mass personalization and greater brand relevance for patients and physicians  

Detailed Overview

Merkle hosted a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, November 12, titled, “Innovation 2014: Big Data will drive the Big Ideas.”

Going forward, Big Data will beget the Big Ideas. Amazon, Google, and Facebook know this – but do healthcare marketers?  Shouting loudly into the digital ecosystem with a monolithic brand message is no longer enough to engage and sustain brand relationships.  

This is especially true in healthcare where the tectonic plates are still shifting, where trust is eroding and core aspects of health care delivery are being redefined.