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Responsive Web Design: How Early Adopting Retailers are Achieving Success

Key Takeaways

As the website approach rises in popularity, it is important to take a deeper look at what early adopting retailers have already learned and to establish benchmarks for future responsive implementations.

Attendees of this webinar:

  • Learned what makes a successful responsively designed site through an analysis of stand-out sites, including results achieved
  • Gained an understanding of expected results from different use cases
  • Heard the key tricks and lessons only learned from implementing a responsive experience
  • Developed a knowledge of their options for working around the downsides of responsive, including no-rebuild approaches

Detailed Overview

Merkle hosted a complimentary webinar, focused on Responsive Web Design, on Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

Steen Andersson, Merkle, and Brandon McGee, Director, Global Mobile, Dell presented this webinar, and discussed how responsive web design is being hailed as every marketer’s dream. Retailers are able to capitalize on existing SEO, create continuity across screens and prevent deep-linking issues.

Please contact our team directly if you would like to schedule a meeting with Steen or a member of our team.