10 Ways To Personalize The Holidays

Original Presentation Date

Sep. 17, 2014

Key Takeaways

During this webinar we explore what consumers expect from retailers in regards to personalization and how this affects their holiday shopping patterns. Presenters will provide the steps you can take now to improve personalized communications and how you can use the holiday rush to advance your personalization strategies in the coming year — for real bottom-line results.

Viewers will:

  • Uncover the expectations of consumers in regards to personalized communications and how this affects their holiday shopping;
  • Explore 10 tips to optimize personalization strategies this holiday season; and
  • Use learnings from the 2014 holiday season to improve personalization strategies into 2015.

Detailed Overview

As a retailer, what sets you apart from your competitors? It is the relationship you have with your customers. During this holiday season, it’s not just price that will separate winners from losers. Instead, retailers who can deliver relevant and personalized conversations with their customers — at scale — will realize the true advantage.