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Merkle's 2014 Marketing Imperatives

Original Presentation Date

Feb. 19, 2014

Key Takeaways

The greatest opportunity to attain competitive advantage in the age of digital is to achieve addressability at scale (AAS) through the evolving digital audience platforms. AAS is the ability to deliver targeted, personalized experiences to consumers, enabled through the application of data and analytics to the digital audience platform marketplace that is now at massive scale.

Just as we have seen in previous marketing eras, there will be clear winners and losers in this era of customer addressability. To exploit the opportunity of AAS, marketers will need to adopt a core framework of capabilities and enablers, which we call Connected CRM (cCRM).

In this transformation, it will be necessary to integrate first-party data and analytics across the customer lifecycle, executing a seamless consumer experience across first- and third-party audience platforms, devices, and experience formats. This gives rise to a new breed of marketer who has a deep understanding of cCRM principles, plus the knowledge and innovative forethought to thrive in the world of digital audience platforms. We call this new persona The Platform Marketer™.

Detailed Overview

Focusing on the the third installment of Merkle's award-winning Marketing Imperatives, this complimentary webinar revealed the essential elements for the Platform Marketer to make the successful transformation into a cCRM leader. For more information please contact our Events team.