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2015 Marketing Imperatives Webinar

Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience

Key Takeaways

Merkle and guest Deanna Laufer, from Forrester Research delivered a complimentary webinar focused on the 2015 Marketing Imperatives – Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience.

Detailed Overview

Merkle and guest Deanna Laufer from Forrester Research presented a complimentary webinar focused on the 2015 Marketing Imperatives — Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience.

With the widespread adoption of addressable audience platforms, it’s easier to reach customers than it ever has been. It is now possible to directly address ideal customers in the mid-funnel and deliver a personalized experience seamlessly across channels, driving next-level performance and stronger customer relationships. Fill out the form below to access an on-demand recording of the webinar.

Please note that Forrester-prepared content was removed from the on-demand recording. For any other webinar related questions, contact our events team at [email protected].