Create Loyalty with Real-Time Personalization

Key Takeaways

Join our on-demand webinar with Arif Damji from 500friends, a Merkle Company, and Chris Parker from IBM to learn about:

  • How to collect relevant customer information to truly understand what your customers want and target them appropriately
  • How to use personalization to drive response, engagement, and loyalty
  • Current trends in the market and how brands are winning through personalization


Detailed Overview

Your customers know what they want—do you? It’s no secret that customers now expect to feel like your brand personally knows them. According to a recent study by Gartner, 89% of CMOs expect their brand’s customer experience to differentiate them from their competition.

Using real-time data and customer understanding through your loyalty program, you’re able to deliver an experience tailored to each member. This is becoming paramount to create unique and satisfying customer experiences that drive results.