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Customer-Centric Transformation: The Truth Behind Successful Change

Key Takeaways

This webinar reviews the findings of a recent study that revealed several truths about what is required to successfully implement people-based marketing across the enterprise, as well as describe what's essential to impelent a large-scale change initative.


  • The essential factors to a successful large-scale change initiative
  • A clear breakdown of the transformation competencies by phase: planning, development and deployment
  • The misconceptions (and truths) behind the most common barriers to customer-centric evolution in the enterprise

Detailed Overview

Making the organizational transformation to a customer-centric business strategy is difficult enough without the added pressure of unfounded fears and flawed assumptions. We conducted a study which revealed several truths that seem inconsistent with commonly held beliefs about what is required to successfully implement people-based marketing across the enterprise.

In this webinar, we review the findings which are applicable to any type of broad-scale transformation, but our focus is on the topic of customer-centric transformation, which has its own unique complexities.

It requires working across lines of business, implementing among multiple channels, mastering new and emerging technologies, and perhaps the most difficult challenge, reevaluating existing processes and organizational structure.

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