Customer Centricity is Data Centricity, A Marketing Technology Transformation

Key Takeaways

This webinar leverages Winterberry Group’s comprehensive research to reveal core challenges, opportunities and best practices that can help you achieve data centricity, with an emphasis on marketing technology process integration.

  • Understand the key hurdles to achieving true data centricity through the Winterberry research.
  • Learn best practices on how to prevent your organization from sub-optimizing marketing technology investments.
  • Find out how you can put in place a step by step roadmap to achieving true data centricity.


Detailed Overview

Becoming a customer-centric organization means you must be data centric. Today’s marketing environment is constantly changing, and organizations are faced with optimizing the marketing funnel by leveraging a vast array of technologies to enable their marketing efforts. Winterberry Group surveyed more than 200 executive thought leaders to find that, while most technologies themselves are capable, true success hinges on data and how data centric an organization is. The biggest risk is that organizations are sub-optimizing their technologies to deliver on data centricity.