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People-Based Search; Moving from Keyword Visibility to Customer Connectivity in Search

Original Presentation Date

Feb. 17, 2016

Key Takeaways

Join search industry experts Adam Audette (SEO) and Ryan Gibson (SEM) for an on-demand webinar and take a tour of the latest changes and how to implement customer-focused strategies to maximize results for your program.

During the webinar:

  • You will learn how to move from a keyword-focused approach to an audience-focused approach to deliver a better experience for your customers in paid and organic search while improving visibility at the engines
  • We’ll describe key technical changes in SEO and SEM and how they’ll impact you for 2016, including details on PLAs, Mobile, Schema and more
  • You’ll see concrete examples of these strategies from enterprise-scale programs in retail, travel and finance

Detailed Overview

The best approaches for PPC & SEO don’t always remain the same. But one thing remains constant: focusing on your customers’ needs is the key to success.

So how do you stay on top of the latest changes in search and ensure you’re getting the most from today’s search program?