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Q3 2016 Digital Marketing Report Webinar

Original Presentation Date

Oct. 27, 2016

Key Takeaways

Join the Digital Marketing Report authors, Merkle's Senior Director of Research Mark Ballard and Merkle's EVP of Marketing Strategy Ryan Gibson to walk through the highlights of the Q3 2016 report and answer audience questions about its findings.

The Q3 report and webinar will feature a wealth of familiar benchmark metrics as well as analysis on topics such as:

  • What the addition of a fourth top-of-page ad on mobile search results means for Google growth.
  • How Facebook ad growth is trending ahead of the planned sunset of FBX.
  • The impact that search ads on Google Maps are having for brick and mortar retailers.
  • How organic search visits from phones are beginning to rebound after two quarterly declines.
  • Whether promising early results for Google Expanded Text Ads have held up.
  • Why clicks from Google PLAs are growing nearly six times faster than text ads.

Detailed Overview

Since its launch in 2011, Merkle's quarterly Digital Marketing Report (DMR) has become one of the most highly regarded and frequently cited reports in the digital marketing industry. Providing benchmark data for paid search, SEO, display, social media, and comparison shopping, the DMR has developed a reputation for its accuracy in conveying the larger trends underlying performance for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing and for breaking major developments with special in-depth analyses.

In this webinar, Merkle’s Senior Research Director and primary report author, Mark Ballard will join Merkle's EVP of Marketing Strategy, Ryan Gibson walk through the highlights of the Q3 2016 report and answer audience questions about its findings.