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2017 Marketing Imperatives Webinar Series: Imperative #1 - Make Your Advertising More Addressable

Original Presentation Date

May. 31, 2017

Key Takeaways

Even at the top of the funnel, addressable advertising through media such as email, display, search, direct mail, TV, and print, has become the entrée into a full-funnel people-based marketing approach, driven by a common data thread and overarching customer strategy.

Learn about:

  1. Creating outbound media campaigns that capitalize on individual addressable at scale.
  2. Benchmark results from Merkle’s People-based Marketing assessment.

Detailed Overview

We are in the midst of the biggest transformation we have ever seen in marketing. In today’s “me” economy, anonymous targeting tactics, which use cookies, device IDs, panels, and proxies to inform point-in-time outbound interactions, are no longer sufficient to create the one-to-one experiences that consumers require.