How Do You Know Your Customers Love You? Let Me Count the Ways.

Original Presentation Date

Jul. 20, 2017

Key Takeaways

Learn how to:

  • Think and measure customer value beyond just the CLV measurement
  • Shift towards marketing and measuring customers’ digital interactions
  • Create more effective digital and marketing strategies by focusing on customers with high digital value
  • Measure the customer value results in near real-time and then evolve marketing tactics with the confidence of knowing the real customer value


Detailed Overview

In the digital era where customers and the interactions they make with others are hyper-connected, join Merkle to understand how to better measure customer value using customers’ digital and social potential. 

We will present why organizations need to think beyond the traditional customer lifetime value (CLV), and rather adopt a holistic approach to measuring customer value by also including customer referral value (CRV), customer engagement value (CEV), customer influencer value (CIV), and customer digital interaction value (CDIV) in the measurement metrics.