How Office Depot Reaches High-Value Customers: Addressable Media for People-Based Marketing

Key Takeaways

Hear directly from Office Depot and Merkle for details on how to successfully activate a people-based marketing strategy. In this webinar, you'll learn more about:

  • Merkle’s approach to people-based marketing
  • How Office Depot shifted from online to omni-channel marketing
  • What Office Depot is doing to provide personalized experiences to its high-value customers
  • Real outcomes that are having a positive impact on Office Depot’s ROI


Detailed Overview

For marketers, 2017 is all about activating relevant, intimate and meaningful customer experiences,  both online and offline. The challenge: Managing the organizational and cultural change that comes with this kind of people-based marketing. Office Depot has succeeded in this transformation and is now using addressable media to engage and delight its high-value customers.