Path to Donor Centricity: The Analytic First Steps

Original Presentation Date

Apr. 18, 2017

Key Takeaways

Get a four step analytic plan to enable People-Based Marketing and Donor Centricity. This plan answers the questions:

  1. How much are my donors worth?
  2. Who are they and how do they engage with me today?
  3. What motivates them to engage?
  4. What offers are they most likely to engage with in the future?


Detailed Overview

Donor centric strategy continues to be a hot topic for most nonprofit organizations. 

The route towards donor-centric requires a fundamental paradigm shift in the way you approach strategy, analysis, execution etc. However, you can take the first steps along this journey by simply getting to know your donor as a person and not as a revenue stream. 

Join Merkle to see a concrete plan for the analytically-led first steps along the path to people based marketing and true donor centricity.