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Activating the Connected Traveler

On-Demand Webinar Series

Get equipped to respond to and even predict your customers’ digital actions in real time with Activating the Connected Traveler. There are three presentations, each taking an in-depth look at this topic. 

[subheadline]Video 1: Online-Offline Data Enablement[/subheadline]

[video_resize width="100" padding="56" url="http://merkleinc.wistia.com/medias/r38m7tp4qa"][/video_resize]

Presented by:

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[subheadline]Video 2: Customer Journey Activation: Signposts on the Path to Conversion[/subheadline]

Presented by:

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[subheadline]Video 3: Micro-targeting and Personalizing to the Connected Traveler[/subheadline]

Presented by:

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