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Delivering the promise of 1:1 customer engagement: Closing the gap between marketing vision and execution

Key Takeaways

  • State of the Insurance industry today, including trends and perceptions of 1:1 customer engagement​

  • Getting started: 5 steps to transform your insurance customer engagement strategy

  • Client success stories in 1:1 customer engagement​

  • Overview of the Merkle and Pega partnership and offering for insurance marketers​

Detailed Overview

Changing policyholder, prospect, agent, and advisor expectations require a new way of reaching target audiences—both in terms of channels and content. As a senior marketing executive, you have already made significant investment in marketing automation and digital delivery capabilities. Optimizing these investments is essential to delivering the personalized marketing solutions and superior customer engagement outcomes necessary for success​

Traditional approaches have resulted in gaps between marketing strategy and marketing execution, preventing a seamless customer journey. Learn how Merkle and Pega have integrated their best-in-class strategic consulting and delivery capabilities to deliver rapid and effective 1:1 personalized customer experience in the insurance marketplace. From new business generation, retention, product innovation, and proactive market segmentation, this partnership will enhance your existing capabilities while addressing emerging insurance marketing needs.​