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Getting Together for the Holidays

Integrating promotions with CRM to capture more data and nurture customer relationships beyond the new year

Original Presentation Date

Oct. 23, 2018

Key Takeaways

Detailed Overview

Holiday promotions are as much a part of the season to retailers and shoppers as candy canes, the Macy’s parade, and reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life. But are retailers fully leveraging their holiday promotions to develop ongoing customer relationships that pay off long-term? Or are they focusing too narrowly on short-term incremental sales?

Our 20-minute webinar will show you how to easily integrate your holiday promotions into a larger customer engagement strategy that centers on creating a single customer view. And we’ll discuss how leveraging real-time data and CRM systems drives long-tail customer relationships that will deliver great results well beyond the 2018 holiday season.​

We’ll show you some examples of successful tactics deployed by some of the biggest names in retail, including:

  • DIRECTV’s “tap to text” email and SMS campaign
  • Ulta’s use of dynamic, real-time data for a year-end email initiative
  • 1-800-Flower’s progressive profiling live-poll campaign
  • And how Busch Gardens increased their CTR by 150% with calendaring

Don’t let your 2018 holiday promotions be an afterthought… learn how to make them part of an integrated engagement strategy by registering for our on-demand webinar HERE.