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Life Beyond Brand: Why Marketers Need to Overcome Their Ego to Connect with Consumers

Original Presentation Date

Dec. 06, 2018

Key Takeaways

  • Why businesses need more complete data on consumers and their behaviors
  • Why is it too hard to be able to do this on your own
  • Strategies to enable to you access more consumer data in compliance with data protection legislation

Detailed Overview

Today’s consumer is hyper-connected yet increasingly wary of sharing their data with brands.

At a time when expectations of brand experiences are at an all-time high, how can marketers deliver the experience the consumer wants, with the limited data they are given?

The answer is parking the marketers’ ego, and thinking beyond brand. Contrary to what marketers may wish to believe, consumers spend very little time thinking about brands. They are certainly not the first to know of an address change or addition of a new family member (information which would inform how the brand talks to their customer). 

Explore how marketers can augment the existing data they have about consumers to build out a more holistic identity profile – enabling them to talk to consumers like people, not proxies, and serve them a relevant brand experience no matter where they appear in the marketing ecosystem.