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The Neuroanalytics of Marketing

Original Presentation Date

Oct. 14, 2015

Key Takeaways

View an on-demand webinar a complimentary webinar that discusses The Neuroanalytics of Marketing presented by Merkle's Ron Park, Vice President, Analytics, Leah van Zelm, Vice President, Digital Strategy, and Bob Wood, Senior Director, Advanced Methods & Research.

During the webinar, our speakers examined

  • Using the principles of Means-End Theory to understand human decision making
  • How to link underlying motivational drivers to your products and brands
  • Leveraging research and advanced analytics to deliver optimal consumer experiences

Detailed Overview

A majority of decisions are made at an automatic, subconscious level, yet marketers often take a very rational approach to persuasion.

In this webinar, our speakers shared how to apply Means-End Theory to quantify both rational and emotional consumer decisioning factors. Once you can quantify consumer motivations, you can stop guessing what is important and what will work. Get to the right message, content, and creative in a scientific, repeatable, and proven manner.