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Orchestrating Canon's Digital Transformation

Key Takeaways

What does it take for an 82-year-old brand with a heritage in product manufacturing and innovation to become consumer-centric? Get the real story on what kind of commitment it takes to transform, including:

  • Finding and cultivating the right partnerships inside and outside the organization
  • The level of investment, both financially in the tools you're selecting and in the people who will use them
  • The buy-in you'll need from junior and senior members of the organization to make it all come together

Detailed Overview

This on-demand webinar, which was originally presented at the 2019 Merkle Summit explores how Canon is changing to meet the ever-changing needs of modern customers and the cultural shifts that have drastically changed the market landscape.

During the presentation, Rita Dubey and Michael Lebron discuss the necessary elements required to drive this transformation: from the data,  to the tools, people, and process. 

Learn about the importance of true partnership and collaboration internally that ensured success throughout this journey.