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Reinvigorating Loyalty Webinar

Join Michael Hemsey, EVP of Merkle's Loyalty Solutions as he presents on the current state of the loyalty industry, recent industry developments, and what approaches are needed to more effectively execute loyalty programs.

Original Presentation Date

Jun. 28, 2018

Key Takeaways

  1. A comprehensive view of the loyalty industry
  2. Overview of recent industry developments
  3. What approaches are needed to execute loyalty more effectively

Detailed Overview

Loyalty, like most aspects of business today, is evolving. It is evolving through new and more comprehensive uses of data and macro-level program consolidation, through brands rethinking and re-approaching their strategies, through the maturation and permutations of consumer awareness, and through technological development. The loyalty environment of 2018 is different from last year’s, and will undergo more changes yet before the decade is out.