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Straight from the Lab: SEO’s Hot Theory Test Results Revealed

Merkle and Botify are embarking on a testing campaign to learn more about some of the SEO industry's most pressing theories. Register for this webinar to hear about their findings!

Original Presentation Date

Jun. 27, 2018

Key Takeaways

  1. How does link frequency impact Google's crawl and organic performance?
  2. What implications does poor mobile/desktop parity have on crawling and performance?
  3. How do rich snippets impact my CTR? Is it different on mobile and desktop?
  4. What’s the optimal content length for your site?
  5. What implications does JavaScript have on the crawl? Will it hurt my performance?

Detailed Overview

Merkle and Botify are coming together to test some of the SEO industry’s most pressing theories! Through the use of crawl and performance data, we’ve analyzed the impact of several theorized ranking factors and site elements such as:

  • Internal link frequency and position
  • Anchor text variation
  • Mobile/desktop parity
  • Content length
  • Crawl recency and frequency
  • JavaScript-dependent content

In this webinar, we’ll overview the test findings and implications for SEO strategy.