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Tech-Talk: Tap into the Power of Automated A/B Testing and Personalization

Join Adobe and Merkle for this interview-style webinar!

Original Presentation Date

Jan. 30, 2018

Key Takeaways

Are there enough potential buyers to impact your bottom line? Are you properly targeting them with the most relevant content and recommendations? In this interview-style webinar we’ll share:

  • Current and future state of real-time, automated decisioning
  • How to automate A/B for faster insights and greater ROI with Adobe Target Premium
  • How to scale personalization beyond A/B with Adobe Target Premium

Detailed Overview

Nowadays, your customers’ interests are changing by the minute, and they’re demanding more relevant, engaging content/experiences - all the time. To keep up with these demands, companies must tap into the power of real-time, automated decisioning. This includes smart algorithms, machine learning, and constant testing and optimization of data.

Join Merkle's Zimm Zimmermann as he interviews Jason Hickey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Adobe Target. Together, they’ll geek-out on A/B testing and optimization as well as uncover the four flavors of automation with Adobe Target Premium. They’ll also disclose how leading global companies are adopting automation and experiencing immediate improvements in lift and conversion.