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What Millennial Women Want and How to Reach Them

Original Presentation Date

May. 08, 2018

Key Takeaways

What you will learn:

  • The true financial might of millennial women
  • What influences the purchases of this audience
  • How marketers can best meet the needs of millennial women
  • Key insights from a retailer who engages this cohort every day

Detailed Overview

Millennial women spend more frequently and in higher amounts than the rest of the US population, and as a result, they’ve earned their place as an audience segment marketers cannot afford to ignore. Together, Merkle and Levo conducted in-depth research on the financial patterns of millennial women — revealing what influences their product and brand choices.

Did you know 57 percent of millennial women agree that a brand’s values and stance on issues they care about influences their purchase decisions? Join Merkle and Levo as they take a deep look into the research learnings and what it means for how you should connect with millennial women.

Joining Merkle and Levo for the webinar is Patrice Croci, VP of Marketing at Express, who will provide the unique insight of a retailer that has made engaging this audience central to its strategy.