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Aaron Tellier

EVP & GM, Insurance & Wealth Management
Aaron Tellier

Aaron has been delivering business results in the wealth management and broader financial services industry since 2000. Throughout his career, he has focused on the development of leading customer relationship marketing (CRM), sales, business intelligence and analytic capabilities for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA, Nationwide, Bank of America, and Bank of Montreal. In 2010, his efforts earned Merrill Lynch a CRM Enterprise Excellence award from Gartner and 1to1 Media.

Aaron is known for his innovative solutions to tough industry challenges in financial advisory services, online brokerage, retirement, and distribution. At Merrill Lynch, he led a cross-functional CRM organization that bridged the gap between business strategy, technology, and sales and marketing execution. Notable examples of his expertise include real-time multi-channel interaction management, marketing operations, dynamic segmentation, actionable client analytics, cross-selling, and retention strategies.

Aaron holds a BS in political science from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from Yale School of Business Management

Aaron's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Creating Personalized Financial Advisor Experiences

We know how difficult it is to get the attention of financial advisors in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. The explosion of digital communication channels—which was supposed to make things easier—has made breaking through even more challenging.