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Adam Audette

SVP of SEO, Merkle
Adam Audette

As SVP of SEO, Adam contributes to the strategic direction of Merkle's paid and organic search marketing services, as well as the creation of new initiatives. Adam also drives the development of proprietary SEO toolsets and business development opportunities, while overseeing client strategy.

Prior to this role, Adam was Chief Knowledge Officer at Merkle|RKG. He was also the founder and president of AudetteMedia, a leading SEO boutique agency. One of the foremost SEO shops in the industry, AudetteMedia partnered with premier brands including Zappos, Gannett, Kroger, HSN, Charming Shoppes, University of Phoenix, Amazon, and Michelin.

Adam has been active in the search marketing industry since 1996 and is a top rated presenter at premier industry events such as Search Marketing Expo and SMX Advanced, Searchfest, Nation Association of Government Webmasters, Search Engine Strategies, BlueGlass, and Pubcon. He contributes regular columns for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch.

Adam's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Marketers need to redefine how they think about SEO

In this modern and rapidly changing period in digital marketing, it's unfortunate that so many marketers still misunderstand the role of search engine optimization (SEO).

People in the Era of Machine Learning

In the era of machine learning, intelligent assistants, and artificial intelligence, the customer journey is often an afterthought. Sure, we’re accelerating in our ability to leverage data to create ever more personalized advertising, and we’re making strides developing algorithms to target individual people, not just audience segments. But are we forgetting that human beings (you and I) are at the heart of all this technology?

The customer journey has never been more important, if we are to capitalize on the promise of personalized advertising. But how? To answer that, let’s step back in time to a simpler age.

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We've been acquired by RKG!

Big news! AudetteMedia has been acquired by the search marketing firm RKG. We're beyond excited, we're stoked! We're psyched! We're pumped up! RKG is one of the largest paid search marketing firms in the world, in terms of managed advertising spend.
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Killer Summer Conference: BlueGlass LA

Summertime, and the livin' is easy... and so is the learnin' if you're going to be in Los Angeles on July 19th. Read on for details and a 15% discount code. BlueGlass LA is going to be an incredible conference, there is no doubt in my mind. The lineup of speakers is pretty ridiculous .
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Q&A with PPC Expert George Michie

In early 2009 I was sitting at a lunch table at the SMX West conference, when I met this really smart guy named George Michie. I'd heard about the PPC expertise of The Rimm-Kaufman Group, of course, but didn't know any of the principal players. George and I hit it off pretty much instantly.
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What I've Been Up To…

Just a quick post outlining a few things I've been doing. If I can't promote myself before the conferences and such, I might as well promote myself afterwards, right? I'll figure this marketing thang out someday. Other than writing posts about the serious dangers of rel=canonical, I've been traveling a bit.
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How rel=canonical is Breaking Sites

It's been several months since the link canonical tag was announced, and it's being used fairly liberally out in the wild. It's patently clear to us that this tag is quite powerful and effective, and the consequences of its misuse very serious. It's being misused a lot (not a surprise).
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Small Shops vs Big Shops – Latest at SEL

My monthly article at SearchEngineLand was published this week: Small & Nimble Trumps Big & Slow in SEO. Basic premise: small SEO shops are able to be more nimble and flexible than large, slow-moving agencies. That translates to a greater ROI in free search marketing campaigns.