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Adam Audette

SVP of SEO, Merkle
Adam Audette

As SVP of SEO, Adam contributes to the strategic direction of Merkle's paid and organic search marketing services, as well as the creation of new initiatives. Adam also drives the development of proprietary SEO toolsets and business development opportunities, while overseeing client strategy.

Prior to this role, Adam was Chief Knowledge Officer at Merkle|RKG. He was also the founder and president of AudetteMedia, a leading SEO boutique agency. One of the foremost SEO shops in the industry, AudetteMedia partnered with premier brands including Zappos, Gannett, Kroger, HSN, Charming Shoppes, University of Phoenix, Amazon, and Michelin.

Adam has been active in the search marketing industry since 1996 and is a top rated presenter at premier industry events such as Search Marketing Expo and SMX Advanced, Searchfest, Nation Association of Government Webmasters, Search Engine Strategies, BlueGlass, and Pubcon. He contributes regular columns for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch.

Adam's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Marketers need to redefine how they think about SEO

In this modern and rapidly changing period in digital marketing, it's unfortunate that so many marketers still misunderstand the role of search engine optimization (SEO).

People in the Era of Machine Learning

In the era of machine learning, intelligent assistants, and artificial intelligence, the customer journey is often an afterthought. Sure, we’re accelerating in our ability to leverage data to create ever more personalized advertising, and we’re making strides developing algorithms to target individual people, not just audience segments. But are we forgetting that human beings (you and I) are at the heart of all this technology?

The customer journey has never been more important, if we are to capitalize on the promise of personalized advertising. But how? To answer that, let’s step back in time to a simpler age.

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SEO Geeks Everywhere!

We recently had a small batch of t-shirts made and sent them out to our SEO friends. Here are some of the pictures we got back! The t-shirt was accompanied with a letter asking for a photo of the recipient wearing it. Not everyone replied, but here are the ones that did. Want an SEO Geek Shirt?
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Six Principles of Ethical SEO

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a doctor. Not a real doctor mind you, but an alternative doctor - I wanted to heal with botanicals and homeopathy, with nutrition and philosophy. I was all about naturopathic medicine (to the great bewilderment of my parents).
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The Interchange of Search and Use

Is there an interchange between search engine optimization (more accurately, internet marketing) and usability? That's the question veteran SEO Grant Crowell asked Jared Spool, a veteran usability engineer, in a twenty minute phone interview.
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Strategic Internet Marketing

In a demanding business environment (that gets more demanding by the day), it's essential to maximize return on your time and your money. Which means that your internet marketing campaign must deliver a positive ROI - and do so in a reasonable time frame.