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SEO Copywriting Tips: How to Write Quality Content for Any Industry

As a boutique internet marketing firm, AudetteMedia does not specialize in a particular industry vertical.  So over the last few years I’ve found myself needing to wear the “expert hat” in a variety of areas from woodworking and vitamins to pet insurance, motorcycle parts and kids outdoor sports. Content is King, as they say in SEO. And more and more these days, that content needs to be top quality.

How Twitter Is Just Like Brad Pitt

During a marketing meeting the other day, while on a spitfire about how awesome social media is, a client interrupts to ask me "SO, what is your one favorite social site?" While I was tempted to answer with, come to be known as my 'catch phrase' - "it depends" - I refrained and simply answered, "Twitter." Part of me still wants to answer with "it depends" because it really does depend... I am not going to tell the client wanting to simply answer customer service complaints that Flickr is totally where you want to be, man.
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Web Analytics 2.0 Book Review

The allure of online marketing is the ability to measure, measure and measure some more. But what’s the value of all that data without actionable items to move the needle on your company’s bottom line? Nadda.
Topics: SEO
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The Best Social Media Sites (for Business) of 2009

2009 has been a big year for social media. Many of the sites have proven, in some eyes, that they can stick around and social media won’t just be the “fanny pack” fad of the industry. Although, those were pretty cool… A purse that buckles around the waste and wait, guys can sport it too? Radical.