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Barry Craiglow

Vertical Delivery Leader, Technology Solutions Group

Barry brings over 20 years of technology experience to work each day, with 14 of those years focused on marketing technology delivery. At Merkle, he leads a team of marketing technology professionals across multiple verticals, including nonprofit, health, travel, media, and high tech. These teams are focused on the managed service aspects of running and operating efficient and reliable data management solutions. Barry strives to deliver world class solutions for clients within the complex marketing technology landscape.

Barry's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

The Database is Still Here, but Moving to the Cloud

The Database is Still Here, but Moving to the Cloud

The database has been at the center of direct marketing and marketing technology for more than 40 years. Its move to the cloud figures to maintain the basic value of the marketing database, while helping it evolve.

Using a RACI Matrix to Improve Project Delivery

If your organization uses marketing technology, or really technology of any kind, a best practice for project delivery is to first create a "matrix" organizational structure. By grouping team members together by their roles or functions, organizations can create very specialized skills within each of these functional capabilities. When projects launch, this enables you to form a project team with the right team members at the exact time needed.