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Barry Latimer

Vice President, Marketing Cloud Platforms

Barry's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Part 4 of this webinar series!

You want to deliver personal experiences, but you might be stuck at home waiting to get things right. Grab a coffee or lunch, and join us as we show you how to get your tech in order, gain an understanding of what data makes the world go around (and what is available to define your audiences), how to dream up experiences in this new normal and finally how to test out what’s next. These six short sessions will give you the insights you need to take your customer experience to the next level!​

How Using a DMP Helps Website Personalization

How Using a DMP Helps Website Personalization

Targeting and personalization are key components of online marketing. By tailoring your marketing messages for the individual visitors to your website, instead of making them overly-generalized for a broad audience, you can increase the chances that they will become a customer and a repeat customer.

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Boost Responsive Performance with Image Optimization

Looking to improve the performance of a responsive site? Begin by funneling your efforts into image optimization. The average website devotes 70% of its data-size to images, which means attention spans and data plans everywhere will thank you for putting your imagery on a digital diet.
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5 Tips for Using CSS and Real Text Over Images

When it comes to performance and Responsive Design, there are a myriad of best practices that can boost site speed. Back in August, we narrowed these best practices down to the top 20 to help you determine where the biggest performance gains are to be had.
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What Does the iPhone 6 Plus Mean for Web Design?

The latest and largest phone from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus, undoubtedly impacts responsive web design, but perhaps not in the ways you would expect. Apple follows an “evolution not revolution” design pattern and I believe a similar approach can be applied to web design.