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Becky Starkey

Becky Starkey

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What Do Leaders In Marketing Have In Common? A People-Based Marketing Approach!

As we approached the final day of the summit, I couldn’t help but feel the energy from the previous speakers, and I was pumped to hear from Steve Olenski, Director of CMO Content & Strategy, Oracle Marketing Cloud (@steveolenski), because his presentation was titled From Rocky to Downton Abbey. Life Lessons From the World of Pop. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that topic at 7:45am?

If People-Based Marketing is a Must, All Marketers Should Learn How to Activate the Strategy

The Merkle Summit never ceases to amaze me with the level of expertise that is shared during the three days of content and networking.

Day two was jam packed with content and sharing about the “how” – the activation of people-based marketing. It’s great to get on board and say “yes, that’s the direction our company wants to go.” But the people who are creating competitive advantage are actively taking the first steps toward activation, and others are already on their journey.

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Merkle’s Summit Kicks Off Today

Our 14th annual Performance Marketing Executive Summit kicks off today at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL. Attendees are sure to enjoy the content being presented, the networking opportunities, and maybe even a little fresh air and sunshine on the side.