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Ben Goodsell

Ben Goodsell is a Senior SEO Technician at RKG.

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SEO For Featured Snippets Leads To Big Gains

The way customers search has changed dramatically, particularly in recent years, with the growing popularity of voice and mobile search.

Major updates like Caffeine and Hummingbird have helped cater to this more conversational search trend, but the introduction of the technology driving the Knowledge Graph, Direct Answers and Featured Snippets may soon be the most significant advance in Google’s effort to make the world’s information “accessible and useful.”

3 Steps To Find And Block Bad Bots

Most SEOs have heard about using Log Files to understand Googlebot behavior, but few seem to know they can be used to identify bad bots crawling your site. More and more, these bots are executing JavaScript, inflating analytics, taking resources and scraping and duplicating content.

The Incapsula 2014 bot traffic report looked at 20,000 websites (of all sizes) over a 90-day period and found that bots account for 56% of all website traffic; 29% were malicious in nature. Additional insight showed the more you build your brand, the larger a target you become.

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Proactive Alerts For SEO Reporting Using Google Analytics

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SEO Tool Review: Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager

AudetteMedia has been using Advanced Web Ranking & Link Manager for over 2 years. This software works exceptionally well for automating SEO reporting, gaining actionable insights into rankings, and tracking metrics such as site backlinks, link text, and indexed pages.
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