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Brian Crockett

Vice President, Consulting Partner
Brian Crockett

Brian has over twenty-five years of strategy consulting and marketing experience across a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, consumer and industrial goods, electronics & high tech, communications, automotive, resources, nonprofit, and publishing. He has particular expertise in developing customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, customer strategy, customer experience, customer insight, direct marketing, relationship and loyalty marketing solutions, and defining database business requirements. 

Prior to joining Merkle, Brian was the managing partner of Customer Imperatives Group, a Minneapolis-based provider of customer-focused solutions for companies seeking to better understand and interact with their customers. Brian also spent nine years with Accenture, where he was the global lead for Accenture’s CRM Strategy & Roadmap market offering. In this role, Brian and his team collaborated with clients across industries to identify, prioritize, and plan CRM investments based on business and consumer strategies.

Brian also has experience in trade marketing in the food and retail industries, and was a product manager at General Mills in the U.S. and Canada. Brian has frequently spoken at CRM events and conferences, and has published numerous articles on CRM and customer strategy. Brian has an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College, and a BA from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

Brian's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

Transformation Myth: "Keeping the Team Small Is Simpler"

Planning and execution needs to transcend the internal politics of channel ownership, and needs to adopt a segment/audience customer journey lens. Successful companies drive collaboration across their channel silos, including far greater coordination of customer journey planning and customer engagement execution (including meaningful input from channel owners).

Go Big or Go Home? Not Always

It’s go time and you are about to finalize the customer-centric strategy roadmap that your team has spent the past few months putting together. It is time to make a decision, and you have to choose how your strategic roadmap will start – with a big bang, or with a more modest start. Starting big would mean that the project would have higher visibility and, more importantly, make a bigger impact. Starting small could mean less risk and a better chance of getting traction in the organization.

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Is Your Organization Ready for CRM Transformation?

Many companies recognize they need to make improvements in how they understand and engage customers in a rapidly evolving, multi-channel world, but they frequently struggle with how to move forward. Should they engage in incremental improvements using currently available resources and budget?